Stina’s Salon

Luxe Salon Suites (Southaven)

35 Goodman Rd W. Suite K
Southaven, MS

Luxe Salon Suites (Germantown)

9245 Poplar Ave. Suite 6
Germantown, TN

You know how every new mom has to go through the dreaded, “My toddler gave themselves a haircut with art scissors” phase? That was me—except I was cutting my friend’s hair! That was how early in life I fell in love with this profession. For me, a great cut & color can turn even the darkest of days upside down. It’s one thing that we can control in a world that is filled with so much uncontrollable chaos.

Helping my clients (that have become my family) feel better about themselves & lending an open mind, warm heart, & safe space for them to be truly themselves is what drives my passion. Some of my “family” only have that few hours in the chair that is truly “their” time, so try and make it as comfortable, enjoyable & relaxing of an experience as possible! Some say, “Eyes are the window to your soul.” I say, “Your hair is a reflection of YOU.” To me, it’s not “just hair”.