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About Gould's

Grounded in excellence for nearly 100 years, Gould’s Salon and Spa has made its mark on the face of the beauty industry in the Mid-South.

Founded by one man’s dream of business ownership, Sam Gould built a legacy woven into Memphis’s history. Gould’s established a standard in creating a phenomenal salon experience, built simply on ethical practices and the idea of offering a space for stylists to be inspired to create living art.

With the combination of strong guiding principles and staying with the community’s ever-changing needs, Philip and David have taken their father’s hard work and dedication and revolutionized the meaning of the Salon Spa Experience in the South.

Knowing that skilled talent and technique come from core foundational knowledge, Philip and David opened Gould’s Academy making them the first to offer students the unique ability to go from the classroom to behind the salon chair. Students have access to an exciting curriculum taught by highly trained, industry-experienced educators. Everything you need to know to be salon and spa-ready, you’ll learn at Gould’s Academy.

Luxe Salon Suite

About Luxe Salon Suites

Luxe Salons Suites by Goulds is a revolutionary state-of-the-art facility housing a collective of leading-edge entrepreneurs (skilled professionals, skilled artists). A full-service luxury spa offering Independent stylists, estheticians, therapists, and artisans their own space to grow and advance their business and brand.